Blog Crew

This blog is written by postgraduate students from UK universities, taking part in the CAST Guam campaign (January-February 2014).

Robyn Butler, University of Edinburgh

Robyn ButlerI am a second year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh focusing on modelling the source, emission and transport of very short-lived (VSL) halogenated species.  I came to the University of Edinburgh after finishing an undergraduate Masters degree at the University of York in Chemistry, Resources and the Environment.  I am particularly interested in introducing scientific ideas to a wider community through outreach and educational activities.  My involvement in the CAST campaign revolves around in field flight planning and with outreach.

Dene Bowdalo, University of York

DSC01224I am a second year PhD student at the University of York, working in the state of the art Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories. My research is focussed on the use of novel statistical techniques, bringing about new methods to compare  Atmospheric Chemistry Models and Observations. I graduated from the University of Leeds with a BSc in Environmental Science, which gave me a taste for the atmospheric research which excites and challenges me on a daily basis presently. My participation on the CAST campaign will be based around daily flight analysis and outreach.

Hannah Mantle, University of Leeds

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 00.55.13

After completing an MRes Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere at the University of Leeds I began my PhD studies, remaining in the same research group headed by Professor Martyn Chipperfield. Currently in my second year, my research is focused on improving the representation of bromine and iodine in the TOMCAT 3-D Chemical Transport Model (CTM). During CAST I’ll be using the CTM to conduct ‘near real time’ model simulations of very short-lived halocarbons in the campaign region, with the capability for sampling the model along flight tracks. Click the CAST link on the TOMCAT website to follow my work.

Michal Filus, University of Cambridge

xUiHMUye I am a 2nd year PhD student at the Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Cambridge investigating transport mechanisms and chemistry of very short-lived halogenated species in the West Pacific area. I graduated from the University of Edinburgh, MChem in Chemistry with Environmental Chemistry, with final research project focused on uranium-organic matter interactions in sea sediments. As a young scientist,  I enjoy introducing science to the public. This is one of the activities I will be doing for CAST, along with Lagrangian modelling and in field flight planning.

Hope you’re enjoying a good read! Please stay with us for the next couple of months!


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